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Hybridiser: Grant-Downton Year Registered: 2011 Description: Peach pink to baby pink, petals edged in gold tentacles and teeth, sepals edged in white teeth Height 22" (56cm), bloom 5.5" (14cm) Season MLa Dormant Tetraploid  ©Robert Grant-Downton
Hybridiser: Mahieu Year Registered: 2003 Description: Clear medium violet with violet purple eye above neon lemon lime throat. Unusual Form Crispate Height 40", bloom 7" Season MLa, Rebloom Dormant Diploid ©Debbie Zammett © Chris Searle
Hybridiser: Tillmann-Budde Year Registered: 2008 Description: Lavender pink with huge plum eye above very green throat Height 26" (66 cm); bloom 5" (12.5 cm) Season M Semi-Evergreen Tetraploid  © Gudrun Tillmann-Budde
Hybridiser: Grant-Downton Year Registered: 2012 Description: Ivory-cream with hint of pink, gold edge with some teeth. Height 30" (76cm), bloom 6.5" (16.5cm) Season MLa Dormant Tetraploid ©Robert Grant-Downton  
Hybridiser: Maasz-T. Year Registered: 2013 Description: Pale ginger and yellow bitone with brownish purple band and green throat Height 32" (81cm), bloom 8" (20.5cm) Season M, Rebloom Semi-Evergreen Diploid  ©Pollie's Daylilies
Hybridiser: Reinke-J Year Registered: 1998 Description: Rose bitone with wine veining and chartreuse throat Spider Height 32", bloom 9" Season M Dormant Diploid  ©Shannan Read
Hybridiser: Childs-F. Year Registered: 1982 Description: Grayed violet with dark purple eyezone and green throat Height 30" (76cm), bloom 6.5" (16.5cm) Season EM, Rebloom Dormant Diploid  © John Alsop
Hybridiser: Fernyhough Year Registered: 2006 Description: Mauve pink with frilled gold edge above large yellow throat Height 29" (74cm), bloom 6" (15cm) Season M Evergreen Tetraploid   © Isfryn Daylilies
Hybridiser: Lytton Year Registered: 2010 Description: Bright scarlet self with green throat Height 23", bloom 5.5" Season M Semi-Evergreen Tetraploid  ©Eve Lytton
Hybridiser: Heemskerk Year Registered: 2011 Description: Red center with wide cream margin and green throat Height 24", bloom 5" Season M, Rebloom Dormant Diploid   ©Gerard Heemskerk