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Bulletin 2005
Bulletin 2005
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Chairman's Report
Show Visitors Choose Unnamed Hemerocallis in Photographic Competition by Ron Spring
To the Future with Diploid Spiders and Unusual Forms by Joyce & Bill Reinke
An A-Z Beginner's Collection of Hostas by Tim Saville
The Quest for Unreduced Gametes - A Historical Perspective by Mary Ann Pruden
Three of a Kind by Mike Shadrack
Iris as Companion Planting for Hosta by John Dearden
Daylilies in Naturalistic Planting Schemes by Duncan Skene
Never Again by Sue Beck
The Newcomers by Robert Grant-Downton
Our Miniature Hosta Collection One Year On - Making Room for More Miniatures by Diana Grenfell
2005 Hosta Convention in Cleveland, Ohio by Jonathan Hogarth
'Cucullata' - The Hooded H sieboldiana by W George Schmid
My 2005 Experiences of Spreading the Daylily Word in Hampshire by Pollie Maasz
A Little Knowledge Can Be A Good Thing by Kate Porrest
Seedlings and Sports Gallery by Robert Grant-Downton with Mary and Ted Czaicki
Enjoying the Daylilies by Jan Wyers
Letter from America by Dr Warren Pollock
Plant it Again, Sam by David Barham