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Bulletin 2004
Bulletin 2004
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Chairman's Report
In your Hosta Garden Once More by Dr Gwen Black
Why Hybridise Day lilies? by Dr Robert Grant-Downton
Winter in the Hosta/Hemerocallis Garden by John Dearden
Hybridizing at Forest Lake Gardens by Fran Harding
An Eccentric A - Z of Hosta by Tim Saville
Letter from America by Dr Warren Pollock
Hosta Species and DNA Fingerprinting by W George Schmid
Rugosity by Charlie Seaver
Autumn Reflections on the 2004 Daylily Season by Duncan Skene
The North End of a Southbound Horse by Melanie Mason
The Agony and the Ecstasy by Susan Beck
My Favourite Hosta by Mike Shadrack
Short and Sweet 2004 by Mary and Ted Czaicki
More in Your Hosta Garden by Dr Gwen Black
Significant Daylily Cultivars for the Next Century by Peter Weiximann
Sugar Water Crosses by Bob Kuk
The National Collection of Spider and Unusual Form Daylilies by Pollie Maasz
Growing the Smallest (Miniature) Hostas by Diana Grenfell
Newbold Vase Winners by Eve Lytton and John Bowers
Book Review: The Color Encyclopedia of Hostas