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Bulletin 2000
Bulletin 2000
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Chairman's Report 2000
Some Thoughts on the Turn of the Millennium by Dick Kitchingman
Advancing by Steps: Part Six by Gwen Black
Nothing Ever Happens in the Countryside by Jan Wyers
Raiser Unknown - Eric Smith - A Plantsman by Jim Archibald
Enjoying Hostas by Ron Spring
Writing Hosta Names by Mike Shadrack
American Dream by Robert Grant-Downton B
ap to the Future by Mike Shadrack
My Favourite Hosta by James Ho
Mecca, Magic and Margaritas by Kathy Guest
Pondering on Hosta Pollen Parents by Tim Saville
Letter from America by Dr Warren Pollock
Roller Coaster 2000 by Ted Czaicki
The Further History of H. 'Tall Boy' by Pete Ruh
Rugosity in Hostas by Charlie Seaver
New Hosta Registrations
From the Potting Shed by Shamrock
My Favourite Hosta by Mike Shadrack
Propagation Methods in Hemerocallis by Ian Miller
A Second Look by Gwen Black
'The Hosta Handbook' by Mark Zilis
- A Review by Dr Warren Pollock
- A Review by Mike Shadrack