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Bulletin 1996
Bulletin 1996
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  Chairman's Report
Roger Bowden, Secretary - A Profile
Special People and Daylilies by Marc King
Robert Coe and his Hemerocallis by John Newbold
Epsom & Ewell's Secret Garden by Derek Carver
Garden Open by J.A. Hawkes

Reports from the National Hosta and Hemerocallis Reference Collections
a. National Collection of Miniature Hemerocallis by Jan Wyers
b. Hybrid Hostas at Cleave House, Devon, by Roger Bowden
c. Small leafed Hostas at Apple Court by Diana Grenfell
d. Hostas at Kittoch Mill, Scotland, by Pat Jordan

Hostas in Flower Arrangements by George Smith
The Prince of Hostas by Dr Warren Pollock
Letter from America by Dr Warren Pollock
On the Frontier Trail by Michael Shadrack
Raising the Profile of Hostas by Diana Grenfell
The Use of Slug-Parasitic Nematodes (Nemaslug®) for slug control by David Glen and Michael Wilson
Advancing by Steps Part 3 by Gwen Black
The Nomenclature Committee - Report of Work on the Tardiana Group of Hostas by Ann Bowden
General Hosta Nomenclature by Ann Bowden
The Naming Game Revisited: The Good - The Bad - and The Ugly by W. George Schmid
Mutations, Recombinations, Sports and Chimaerae by Ben Zonneveld Comments on Mr Zonneveld's Article by W. George Schmid Some Genetic Comments on the Hosta Book of W.G. Schmid by Ben Zonneveld