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Bulletin 1995
Bulletin 1995
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John Newbold, Chairman
Preventing Slug and Snail Damage - A survey of what's available - John Dearden
Starting a Breeding Programme and Diploid Near Whites - Marc King
I hope this will make you cross! - hybridising is not difficult - Ian Chrystal
Astilbes in the National Collection at Marwood Hill Gardens, Bamstaple - Malcolm Pharoah
Letter from America - Dr Warren Pollock
The American Hosta Society's Convention 1995 - Diana Grenfell
A visit to some Indianapolis Hosta Gardens - John Dearden
Where is it now? - Andrew Halstead
Daylilies 1995 - Eve Lytton

Reports from the National Hosta and Hemerocallis Reference Collections
a. Hybrid Hostas at Cleave House, Sticklepath, Devon - Roger Bowden
b. Scottish National Collection of Hostas at Kittoch Mill - Pat Jordan
c. National Reference Collection of Small Leaved Species and Cultivars of Hosta held at Apple Court, Lymington
d. National Collection of Hemerocallis - Jan Wyers

A new species of Hemerocallis - Dick Kitchingman
Belgium, the country infected by the English Hosta madness - Ignace van Doorslaer
Advancing by Steps, Part 2 - Gwen Black