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Bulletin 1992
Bulletin 1992
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The Society's Officers and Committee

Editorial - Diana Grenfell & Roger Grounds 
The Genus Hosta - C.D. Brickell 
The Legacy of Hemerocallis 'Janet Gayle': an introduction to the genetics of colour in Hemerocallis - Marc King
Further Notes on Colour - Erling Grovenstein 
Shades of Pink - Joseph Garber 
Letter from America - Dr. Warren I. Pollock Further 
Notes on the Introduction of Hostas to Europe - W. George Schmid 
Visit to America - John Newbold 
'H'. Wing-Commander - Peter Prior 
Spiders & Spider-form Variant Daylilies - Marc King

Reports from the National Hemerocallis Reference Collections 
a. Hemerocallis in Yorkshire - Gordon Cooper 
b. Miniature Hemerocallis - Jan Wyers 
c. The Antony House Collection of Hemerocallis - Valerie Hole 
d. Ewell Parks Department Collection of Hemerocallis - Editors

Book Reviews 
a. Hostas, Sandra Bond - Dr. Dilys Davies 
b. Hemerocallis-Daylilies, Walter Erhardt - Marc King 
c. Hemerocallis-Daylilies, Walter Erhardt - Eve Lytton

Letters to the Editor