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Bulletin 1991
Bulletin 1991
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The Society's Officers and Committee
Editorial - Diana Grenfell & Roger Grounds
"Who would ever have thought a flower could do as much" - Marc King
Guidry Hemerocallis Cultivars
The Introduction of Hostas to Europe & Their Use in German Landscape before 1900 - Dr. Clemons Wimmer
Daylilies & Sweetcorn - Jan Wyers
Letter from America ... Some Remembrances - Dr. Warren I. Pollock
The Royal Horticultural Society's Trial of Hemerocallis, Wisley, 1991
Miniature Hemerocallis - Jack Hobbs

Reports from the National Hosta Reference Collections
i. Wisley - Jim Gardiner
ii. Kittoch Mill - Howard and Pat Jordan
iii. Apple Court - Diana Grenfell & Roger Grounds
iv. Cleave House - Ann & Roger Bowden Book Review - Clive Jones

Book Review - Marc King

Letters to the Editor

Report from the Hosta Registrars - Ann & Roger Bowden