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Bulletin 1987
Bulletin 1987
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The Society's Officers and Committee

Starting a Hemerocallis Collection - Anne Stevens
Small-flowered Daylilies - Sydney Eddison
Stella d'Oro - Adrian Bloom
Letter from America: 'Vistas of Hostas' - Warren Pollock
Desert Island Plants - Alan Eason
Re-arrangement of Petaloid Monocot Families at Kew - Brian Mathew
Hosta Greetings from America - Russell O'Harra
Hosta Gold Standard - Doreen Stevens
Daylilies: Two Decades of Hybridizing - Darrell A. Apps
Some Favourites among newer Hems - F. R. Verhaert
Hedera and Hosta - M. Nimmo-Smith Getting the most out of Tissue-cultured Hostas - P. Ruh
The Plant Finder -- review - Peter Brunet

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