BHHS Library

The BHHS library is a resource available to all BHHS members.

It is a collection of books, magazines (including BHHS publications), old plant nursery catalogues and taxanomic references. These are all available to be borrowed by members. 

A full list of the materials and the procedures for borrowing them is available via this link.

As with the Journals, the document is provided through a file-sharing service called Dropbox, which is free for all of our users and is safe. The first time you use it to download a file, you will be asked to create an account and password.

Additionally, for members' ease of reference, the document has a table of contents of BHHS Bulletins & Journals from 1983-2019. Where the Society has spare copies, some of these publications are also available to be purchased by members. Once again, further details can be found in the document.