Committee Reports for 2016 and Plant Auction

RHS Harlow Carr
Cragg Lane 
North Yorkshire

The AGM 2017 will be held at 10.30 am on the 7th May in the Bramall Learning Centre at the venue above.
It will be preceded by a Hosta leaf show and a Display of the contents of the Hosta Library of the Society on the 6th May

The display will be open to the public on both days and their will be an Auction of  Plants donated to the Society following the AGM.

Members of the Society will be able to access the RHS Gardens free of charge on both Days by prior arrangement.

Initial setup will commence at 3pm on Friday 5th May and the display open to the public at 10am on  Saturday the 6th.
Please contact the General Secretary for further information

The minutes for the 2016 AGM can be accessed from this link
The Official Notice of the 2017 AGM can be accessed from this link
2014 AGM auction © Marjorie Sturman