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Putting the garden to bed

Photo of a Gloucestershire garden © John Alsop
An autumnal garden
John Alsop

As our gardens gradually wind down for the winter, many of us will be looking back at the successes of the year and perhaps considering what could be improved for next year.

While the weather stays mild and the soil warm, there's time to divide or move plants, whether to create more significant groupings, more beautiful colour schemes or simply a space for some new treasure.

If there is a good division of a hosta or daylily left over, what a welcome gift that could be for a friend in the Spring or as a donation to a local charity for their plant stand at a summer event. Who knows - you could be introducing someone to a new interest. 


Photo of Hemerocallis 'Caroline Taylor'  Liz Nicklin
Hemerocallis 'Caroline Taylor'
Liz Nicklin


Our hostas and daylilies

This month we have added the daylilies of Liz Nicklin.

Liz and her sister Kate Phillips are the owners of Harrells Hardy Plants in Evesham, where they have a range of perennials and grasses as well as  daylilies. This year's opening under the National Gardens Scheme is now past, but look out for them next year or visit the nursery by prior arrangement.

Next month we will feature more hostas.  




Photo of Hosta 'Fresh' © Dave Loynds
Hosta 'Fresh'
Dave Loynds

Plant Profile

This month's Plant Profile of Hosta 'Fresh' comes from Dave Loynds.

Dave writes:

Although this plant was only registered in 2010, it has been around for over 20 years. It is a sport of H. 'Amy Aden'.

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As this series develops, earlier entries are being added to the archive

If you have a favourite hosta or hemerocallis and would like to share it with visitors to this site, please contact us


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